Switched at Birth S05E04 Relation of Lines and Color

Next week's episode of "Switched at Birth" is called "Relation of Lines and Color".
I have 1 promo of what's coming up, but sadly there's no Toby in the promo.
Enjoy. :)

Remember to tune in on tuesday 9/8 on Freeform.

3. Surprise
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4x16 Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows
4x17 To the Victor Belong the Spoils

4. Relation of Lines and Colors:
Daphne witnesses a racist display aimed at the Black Student Union on campus. Racial tensions worsen when those responsible are barely punished, leading Iris to partake in a hunger strike and Sharee to grow frustrated with the school's lack of action. Meanwhile, Daphne receives an anonymous threat; and Bay helps Emmett with an art project, which causes friction with Travis.
Source: TVGuide.com