lørdag den 18. februar 2017

Switched at Birth S05E04 Relation of Lines and Color

Next week's episode of "Switched at Birth" is called "Relation of Lines and Color".
I have 1 promo of what's coming up, but sadly there's no Toby in the promo.
Enjoy. :)

Remember to tune in on tuesday 9/8 on Freeform.

3. Surprise
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4x16 Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows
4x17 To the Victor Belong the Spoils

lørdag den 11. februar 2017

Switched at Birth S05E03 Surprise

Toby is back in "Switched at Birth" next week in the upcoming episode "Surprise". While I'm not sure if he will stay for the rest of the season or only for a few episodes, but I'm of course hoping he will stay for the rest of the season.

Here's a promo and stills of the upcoming episode.
Remember to tune in on tuesday at 9/8 on Freeform.

2. This Has to Do With Me
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4x13 Between Hope and Faith
4x14 We Mourn, We Weep, We Love Again
4x15 Instead of Damning the Darkness, It's Better to Light a Little Lantern

lørdag den 4. februar 2017

Switched at Birth S05E01 This Has to Do with Me

Next episode on tuesday is called "This Has to Do with Me", but sadly this episode won't have Lucas in it either! According to TVGuide.com will Toby and Lily return from London in the 3rd episode! But good thing he's not done with SAB! ;)

For next week, I have a promo and another promo with Toby and Lily. I also have added some behind the scenes photos as well, as there's no still available yet.

Enjoy and remember to tune in on next episode on tuesday at 9/8 on Freeform.

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lørdag den 28. januar 2017

Switched at Birth: S05E01 The Call

There's less then a week left before "Switched at Birth" returns with the final season!
So, why not warm up with a recap, promo of the upcoming episode and some other fun stuff?

Enjoy and remember to tune in on tuesday, 31. January at 9/8 on Freeform.

In the Season 5 premiere, Daphne and Bay receive an emergency phone call while in China and return home, where Daphne readjusts to campus life and Bay feels conflicted about her feelings for Emmett. Meanwhile, Kathryn and John argue about her job; and Regina feels guilty about a secret romance.
Source: TVGuide.com

torsdag den 15. september 2016

First look at "Switched at Birth" season 5

Freeform has released the first look teaser for the upcoming "Switched at Birth" season 5.
Season 5 will premiere in January 2017 on Freeform with the 10 final episodes.
Enjoy the teaser.

tirsdag den 12. juli 2016

Disney Channel's "Elena of Avalor"

Good news! According to BroadwayWorld will Lucas be part of a new animated series on Disney Channel called "Elena of Avalor", where he will be the voice of Jiku, the leader of the Noblings.
Since Jiku is a recurring character, won't Lucas appear in all episodes, but I'm sure he will appear in many episodes, just like Family Guy and in the Dragons series. :)

"Elena of Avalor" has premiere on Disney Channel, friday 22nd July 2016 at 7-8 pm, EDT.

Thanks to Dom for letting me know. :)

torsdag den 7. juli 2016

"Sheriff Callie's Wild West" cancelled?

According to an article at TV Series Finale, has "Sheriff Callie's Wild West" been cancelled after 2 seasons.

"In May, co-creator Holly Huckins confirmed the Disney Junior series has been cancelled after two seasons.

Disney Junior has not officially confirmed the cancellation of Sheriff Callie’s Wild West yet."

If it's true, than I can't wait to find out what Lucas will be up to next. :)

fredag den 6. maj 2016

First look: Meet Pinky Malinky!

Meet Pinky Malinky, originally an English cartoon from 2009, but now coming to Nickelodeon. Pinky Malinky is a hot dog voiced by Lucas!
The cartoon is set to premiere on Nickelodeon on September 2016 with 20 episodes!

onsdag den 20. januar 2016

High School Musical's 10th Anniversary

Today, 10 years ago had "High School Musical" premiere on Disney Channel. Time flies, huh? In celebration has the cast reunited to do a documentary special that will air on Disney Channel (US & Canada) tonight, along with re-airing of HSM.
Also, the cast has also been busy doing some promo work and interviews for the anniversary. Stay toned for everything to be posted. :)

High School Musical 10th Anniversary
Coming soon

Radio Disney interview
Coming soon

Good Morning America
Coming soon

søndag den 25. oktober 2015

SAB S04E20 And Always Searching for Beauty

Tomorrow, monday is the season finale of "Switched at Birth", season 4. No words on if season 5 has premiere this january or when exactly.
Last monday's episode "A Mad Tea Party" is available online.
I have a promo of the season finale and finally updated with photos from season 4. Enjoy.

19. A Mad Tea Party
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Behind the scenes

Stills (episodes 4x11-4x20 mixed)

Continue for plot