SAB S04E07 Fog and Storm and Rain

Last week's episode was "Black and Gray", tonight premieres "Fog and Storm and Rain" on ABC Family.
I have the promo for tonight's episode and captures from the previous episode. Enjoy.

4x6 Black and Gray
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Captures: 4x5 At the First Clear Word, 4x6 Black and Gray

Fog and Storm and Rain:
As a severe storm warning forces everyone to hunker down indoors, Kathryn's mom Bonnie comes for a visit, bringing her friend Lucille, and delivers some unexpected news to Kathryn.
Bay finds that Emmett is avoiding any discussion of what triggered the UMKC investigation.
Meanwhile, Daphne goes to see Regina at the coffee house where several shocks await her, including one that will put her freedom at risk.
Source: SpoilersGuide (edited text).