SAB S04E02 Bracing the Waves

So, next episode "Bracing the Waves" is going to air tonight. Who's excited? I am for sure! :)
I have some behind the scenes photo's, a picture from the premiere countdown and the promo of tonight's episode. Have fun.

"And It Cannot Be Changed"
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Behind the scenes

Premiere countdown

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Bracing the Waves:
Daphne’s pre-med chemistry class is off to a rocky start.
Daphne struggles with the speed and depth of her coursework, which is made more difficult when her interpreter, Josh, picks and chooses what he will interpret for her. Bay tries to balance her long-distance relationship with Emmett and fulfilling her sentence, all while dealing with an aggressive person on her team.
Meanwhile, Kathryn has a meeting with a movie producer about her book.
Source: SpoilersGuide