Switched at Birth: S03E21 And Life Begins Right Away

On monday is it the last episode of season 3, but don't worry, "Switched at Birth" will be back in December with the first christmas special episode and it should be back again in january with season 4! So, no worries, the show isn't going anywhere.
Of the season finale "And Life Begins Right Away", do I have stills, a sneak peak and some new behind the scenes pics. Enjoy!

The Girl on the Cliff
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Behind the scenes

And Life Begins Right Away

And Life Begins Right Away: The Kennishes and the Vasquezes celebrate high-school graduation. Everyone is looking forward to commencement until shocking news about Carlton threatens to overshadow their special day. Daphne fears her future is in jeopardy when her past catches up with her. John and Kathryn are not happy when they learn about Bay's non-traditional post-graduation plans. Meanwhile, Mary Beth is pleased when Travis's wish comes true.
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