Switched at Birth: S03E20 The Girl on the Cliff

Next monday is the episode "The Girl on the Cliff" airing. So, remember to check in and get your sticker.
I have 2 stills, a promo and clip for you. Enjoy.

19 You Will Not Escape
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20 The Girl on the Cliff

The Girl on the Cliff: Bay and Emmett are elected senior prom queen and king. Regina, Kathryn and John are shocked when Bay tells them about the extent of Daphne's self-destructive behavior, prompting the parents to set some ground rules. Bay reconsiders attending the prom when the school board implements a new rule regarding dance dress code. Daphne continues her downward spiral when a bad decision puts her job at the clinic in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Tank helps Toby grow his deejay business, but their bromance is tested when Toby is offered a gig at Omega Psi.
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