Switched at Birth: S03E15 And We Bring The Light

Yaay!! Toby's FINALLY back on "Switched at Birth". See him return from Iceland next monday in the new episode "And We Bring The Light".
There's 6 stills, a promo, and sneak peak clip of Toby in the upcoming episode. Enjoy!

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And We Bring The Light: Toby returns from Iceland with a new attitude and a new aspiration. Back from a soul-searching trip to Iceland after his failed marriage, Toby returns with a new perspective on life and a surprising new aspiration for his career.
Bay's college dreams are knocked for a loop when she doesn't get the news she expected. Angelo helps Daphne redirect her senior year stresses with a baking challenge. Meanwhile, Regina's participation in the East Riverside project brings her to yet another moral crossroad.
Source: SpoilersGuide.com