Top Story! Weekly

Sunday March 24th were Lucas a special guest at the comedy show, "Top Story! Weekly", were he appeared in lots of parody sketches. He even wrote "Jurassic Park Musical" and Lil Hashtag!
Check it out!

Top Story! Weekly:
Don't miss our LA Scripted Comedy Fest show Sun @ 9 at @iowest w/ special guests @MrGrabeel & @jackiekashian ! #LASCF

I had fun performing with @TopStoryWeekly last night. Here's the sketches: …
I wrote #jurassicpark & @lil_hashtag

My first sketch I've written. #JurassicParkTheMusical
My ode to #WaitingForGuffman.…

"Jurassic Park Musical"

Lil Hashtag

Lucas's part: 3:34 to 4:08

Lucas's part: 1:40 to 2:51

Lucas's part: 3:10 to 3:22