Catching up with "Switched at Birth"

Just like I wrote on my other sites; in the case your wondering why I'm not weekly updating about Lucas and "Switched at Birth", is it because I am living on my own and trying to live my life WHILE trying my very best to find time to update the 4 websites I have! I'm NOT leaving because of not being up to the latest news emmidiatly, I WILL catch up with everything.

I have stills, behind the scenes pictures, links and sneak peaks from "Duel Between Two Women", "Dressing for the Charade" and the upcomming "The Acquired Inability to Escape".

Watch S02E03 "Duel Between Two Women"
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Watch S02E04 "Dressing for the Charade"
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"Dressing for the Charade" sneak peaks

"The Acquired Inability to Escape" sneak peak

Behind the scenes

04 "Dressing for the Charade" still