Music video "135n8" comming soon!

Lucas has in the last few days been busy shooting and now editing a badass music video called "135n8" which is part of the new upcomming music of his.

It seems like Lucas also reunited with cast and crew behind "High School Musical". Co-star Corbin Bleu joined him at the set while choreographers Bonnie Story and Chucky Klapow was also involved.

It also seems like his sister Autumn is involved. But no words about it's infront of the camera or behind it.

Lucas's tweets:
"djpoltergeis's photo rocks!! #135n8" (25. august)

"That's a wrap! Thanks to EVERYONE who gave their all today. #135n8" (26. august)

"Me, #lucasgrabeel, @incfilms, & @chuckyklapow shooting #135n8 yesterday. Photo by #bradtobler" (26. august)

"Getting my make-up done by @ttjohnston on set of #135n8. Crazy #jacket." (27. august)

"Today I started cutting the #135n8 behind the scenes trailer. #excited. No release date yet but it's coming soon! #newmusic" (29. august)

Behind the scenes:

Lucas's twtter: