New-Gen Deadalus Rising

Back in January month did Lucas tweet about a new project he was working on.
Now has a preview and a behind the scenes video released.
Lucas is set to play an animated twins couple, Chris and Sean in a brand new Marvel feature film that's gonna hit theatres in 2013! Go Lucas!

The animated flick is also starring: Ayla Kell (ABC Family's "Make It Or Break It"), Jaimieson Price ("The Patriot") and others.

Plot: NEW-GEN: DEADALUS RISING is the epic story of twin brothers, Chris and Sean, who have extraordinary abilities which have made them outcasts on their adopted home planet Earth. Living in New York and trying to suppress their powers, the twins, with the guidance from their friend Carmen, come to realize their true origins are in NEW-GEN, a Utopian world that exists in another dimension. For generations on NEW-GEN, humans, strange creatures and robots lived harmoniously, side-by-side and worked together for peace.

But now a battle has erupted on NEW-GEN, focused around advanced nanotechnology. Two superhuman scientists are ensconced in a war: Gabriel, the former guardian of the twins and founder of NEW-GEN, and Deadalus, a despot capable of transforming entire dimensions into nightmarish landscapes. The twins and Carmen find themselves on the front lines of a Nanotech War which could destroy both Earth and NEW-GEN. With Carmen’s help, they unleash their spectacular powers and fight to bring an end to the war and to Deadalus.