SAB: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

I have 3 stills and 1 behind the scenes picture from "Game On" which can be watched on the official website and Hulu or purchased on iTunes.

I also have 5 stills of next episode called "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" and a sneak peak.

Then have ABC Family released a new app for everyone in USA and Canada, where your able to watch all of their shows unlimited for free. It just requires that you have an Apple product (iPhone, iPad and so on). Get the app here.

And latest have Liza uploaded a MTV Top 10 show where "Switched at Birth" is featured and co-star Vanessa Marano have a pretty interesting story about Lucas. Check it out.

"Game On" stills

"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" stills

Behind the scenes