SAB: Protect Me from What I Want

"Las Dos Fridas" is up to watch on the official website and also can be purchased on iTunes. Next tuesday's episode is called "Protect Me from What I Want".

I have 1 new behind the scenes picture, 3 more HQ of "Las Dos Fridas" stills, 2 stills from "Protect Me from What I Want", sneak peak and a new funny clip and 2 photo's from a new photoshoot called 'Photo Booths'.

Also, on ABC Family can you now make your own valentine card and you can send. There's a lot to choose between so you can put on all of your favorite guys or girls from their many shows. Get your valentine's card here.

Behind the scenes

"Las Dos Fridas" stills

"Protect Me from What I Want" stills

Photo Booth