SAB: The Tempest

What is better? To have birthday January 3rd and hang with the family and get cake and gifts OR to have birthday AND your favorite TV show to return on TV? Your pick!

Well, I for sure was happy to see my favorite show return on TV on my birthday. Been really excited about it and thanks for all of the messages and love I got from you. :D

I have 1 new still from next tuesday's episode "The Tempest", and 2 sneak peaks and captures from last night's episode.

ABC Family have released a new 2 paged interview with Lucas about his music. So go and read it and at the same time download his newest song that featured in the episode last night "Big Mistake" for FREE!

Also, "Switched at Birth" have opened an official store with everything from clothes to iPhone/iPad/iPod skins to watches and other stuff. Check it out.
If you missed "Starry Night" can you for free watch the full episode on the official website or purchase it on iTunes.

"Starry Night" captures

"The Tempest" still