New project?

Lucky us, has Lucas gone a bit more active lately on Twitter and have been nice enough to tweet us some pictures while teasing us! Take a look!

Big day today and starting it early. It's gonna be a great one.

Sitting into make-up chair number one of three today. I'm playing three characters today. Woohoo!

Getting ready for my first facial capture shoot...

Do I look like an 8th grader going in for my school picture or a republican presidential candidate?

No I'm not a prisoner... A twin to the republican. What a rush! I've never done anything like that! What a day!

Some people are already guessing it's for "Switched at Birth", but I have a feeling he's shooting something more politican and either it's a new project, a guest starring in a TV show or PSA. But I hope we'll find out with time. :D
What do YOU think?