While we're waiting for SAB to return...

.. am I posting the latest updates: videos and pictures while sharing my theories with all of you!
First a little reminder: in LESS than a month will "Switched at Birth" return on ABCFamily also in 5 days will the first "Switched at Birth: Volume One" DVD release. Excited? :D I am for sure.

Anyone wants a spoiler (NOT confirmed, MY theory!)? Just in case of not, I will strike it out! So just skip it if you don't! Okay? Let's go!:
How many have noticed that Disney Channels "Cory in the House" atress Maiara Walsh have joined the "Switched at Birth" cast? Because of 1 single picture with Lucas did the thought hit me 'is Maiara Toby's upcomming love interest?' also, if you visited Lucas's twitter lately, he started to follow her as well! - Now tell me what YOU think. Do you have the same thought or am I making up 'false hopes'?

Anyway.. I have 3 new behind the scenes pictures from the set by producer Lizzy Weiss and director Chris Grismer, including a birthday picture of Lucas and cupcakes + a new interview/promo video and a "25 Days Of Christmas" commercial.

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SAB - Behind the scenes