SAB: Volume One comming soon

Excited for halloween? Like the new theme? (Which took me FOREVER to make!) Either way, is Switched at Birth: Volume One comming soon on DVD and I think Blu-Ray!

"ABC Family and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have today announced that Switched at Birth - Volume 1 will come home December 13th as a 2-DVD set. It will have 10 episodes running approximately 430 minutes, for $29.99 SRP. These episodes, the first part of the show's first season, is timed to be available on home video to fans before the second part of Season 1 begins to broadcast in January. Video is widescreen, audio is English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, and English subtitles are included along with exclusive Switched at Birth "hammer girl" collectible iPod skins."

Check out the official DVD cover and a new behind the scenes picture of Guitar Face.

Official cover

Behind the scenes