IKAV in Spring 2012?

One of Lucas's most wanted movies, "I Kissed A Vampire" have got a hopefully official release date! According to the official FaceBook and Twitter they do!
According to "I Kissed A Vampire" and this article did Monterey Media pick up the movie and are planning on release it in spring break 2012.

Article: Monterey Media has acquired North American rights to the film version of the web series and plans to release it in theaters for Spring Break 2012, the company told TheWrap Thursday.

FaceBook: Hey everyone! Liza Davydzenkava's right (see her comment below). IKAV has distribution! We wish we could have told you first on facebook but we had to go through the Hollywood channels which is why it was announced today on The Wrap and it will be in Variety tomorrow. THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING SOOOOOOOO PATIENT! We love each and everyone of our loyal fans and we plan to keep you posted all the way up to the Spring 2012 release. YOU'RE ALL THE BITE!!!!

We get the distributors all kinds of material, the movie, behind-the-scenes, come up with a marketing plan. Lots of planning to do. We're gonna need all the help we can get so I hope we can count on our facebook friends to get the word out when the time comes.

Yes! First theatrical then DVD and PPV.

Yes, eventually. We just worked out the U.S. then we start on Europe, South America, Australia, etc.

So, are you all getting excited for the release? Planning on going and watch it? Tell me what you think! ;)