New SAB behind the scenes

Lucas returned back to meet with the cast of "Switched at Birth" recently to shoot a new promo photoshoot for the next 22 episodes, and co-star Constance Marie and Sean Berdy were sweet to tweet us 3 behind the scenes pictures from their day.

Lucas is set to be back on the set of "Switched at Birth" in early October to shoot the next 22 episodes which is set to air in January 2012.

Sean's tweet: "Cheers from @MrGrabeel and I!"

Constance's 1st tweet: "Here he is!! @MrGrabeel #SwitchedatBirth..... All day long!!!"

Constance's 2nd tweet: "Riding to lunch with the "Guys" @MrGrabeel @DWMoffet. Yes! They do feed us on #SwitchedatBirth. YUMMY! @ABCFsab"