22 more SAB episodes

Yeah, you read right! It's confirmed that there will be 22 more episodes of "Switched at Birth" of season 1 in 2012! How great does that sound? I bet we're all very happy for Lucas now. I for sure am and can't wait! The 22 added into the already 10 episodes makes it 32 episodes for season 1 in total!

Luc's tweet1: "Hope you guys love @ABCFsab because we just got 22 more episodes added to our first season! whoohoo! Now the icing would be to win 4 TCAs."
Tweet 2: "The next 22 eps will air in 2012. They like to build up the suspense..."

In the case of you missed "The Paradise Lost" can you re-watch it for free at the official website or buy it on iTunes. Next monday's episode is called "The Homecoming" which is the SUMMER finale, NOT the season finale.

Sadly SAB never released a still of Toby from "The Stag Hunt" (episode 9), but I got 1 from the upcomming episode. Enjoy!