Sunshine on iTunes

So, yesterday was the day "Sunshine" came out on iTunes for us to buy it and support Lucas. How many of you bought it yesterday? What's your favorite song? I'm curious, so feel free to leave a comment.

For those who haven't bought it yet, you can still go to iTunes and purchase it :)
I have added the link into the sidebar, in the case of you will forget the link and wanna buy it, so no worries about losing it. ;)

Also, Lucas tweeted 2 interesting tweets, check them out:

Tweet 1: "@RPheonix if you have a computer you can download the mp3s and then burn a CD for yourself."
Tweet 2: "“@EricBaines: If you like @MrGrabeel's EP, Sunshine, write a review on iTunes. I'd love to here your feedback. #lucasonitunes” yes please!!"