SAB updates

I got great news people! I just checked iTunes and guess what, "Switched at Birth" episode 3 "Portrait of My Father" is number 1 selling TV episodes on iTunes right now!! Isn't that just great? :D Let's hope the show will keep being on the top and all of the other episodes to get a place on the top episodes.

Else, am I like always working on some captures in HD for "Portrait of My Father" which will be posted on Fabulous Grabeel, where I have uploaded "American Gothic" in HD untagged. So check them out. ;)

There's a new behind the scenes picture from Sean Berdy and there's 1 MQ still from the upcomming monday episode "Dance Amongst Daggers", a sneak peak video AND best of all, a music video with Lucas called "All I Want". Now, excited for the next episode? I am for sure.