SAB updates

It sounds like "Switched at Birth" keeps being a success both online and on TV? Well, I'm hoping all the best for it for sure. ;)
Next episode is called "Portrait Of My Father" and will air next monday at the same time as the other episodes, on ABCFamily.

I have uploaded over 400+ 720p HD captures of "This Is Not A Pipe" aka the pilot episode at Fabulous Grabeel, while I am right now working on episode 2 "American Gothic" which is up FOR FREE on iTunes!
Besides that, is here 3 new behind the scenes/twitter pictures by co-stars Constance Marie and Marlee Matlin, while there's a new still and sneak peak from the next episode, and may I say that Lucas looks deadly georgious with that guitar. Now I can't wait for next monday and watch the full scene! ;)