Lucas's live show

So, there's sadly not much online from Lucas's live show last wednesday! :( I only have 2 pictures from it, and found a few videos. But hey, it's better than nothing, right? :)
The first picture is tweeted by Sean Berdy! I'm not sure where the 2nd one is from, but the credit goes to whoever it is! :)

Also, according to JustJaredJr were his self-written songs called: "Fear First", "Broken", "The Oracle", "Come and Get It", "Sunshine", "Vigilante", "A Love Song" and "Nintendo". Also, as promised did Lucas cover the song "Baby" into his version!
I'm excited to hear the studio version of his album - and watch some of his songs on "Switched at Birth", what about you?

Enjoy the videos I found on YouTube and were posted on JustJaredJr! I'm still hoping for more pictures ;)