IKAV updates

So, the team behind "I Kissed A Vampire" have updated the FaceBook page and uploaded new behind the scenes pictures together with leaving a message and answer some questions from fans.

Message 1: "Meli Grabeel is right - you guys deserve an update! Getting the right kind of distribution is taking a bit longer than we anticipated. There are lots of companies that want to distribute IKAV but we are looking for the BEST company with the BEST distribution plan. Nobody wants to see the film come out for just a few days, right? So hang in there with us - good news is on its way! In the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes pics to keep you happy. You're the bite!!!! Love, IKAV."
Message 2: "Hope you enjoyed the pictures and we'll make sure to keep you updated more often."

And as someone asked on FaceBook, if the movie was going to come out on DVD, they answered; "Yes for sure!"