Mark your days!

So, it's time to find the calendar and mark some new dato's down in!

"Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" is set to air on DisneyChannel in many countries, so it might also premiere in your country. So, here's the list so you can check if Lucas is in the TV version of "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" or you'll get to hear his cover of "Baby". :)

Sharpay on DisneyChannel:
May 20: World (I think?)
May 22: USA
May 27: UK
More info here!

Also, remember "The Fox and The Hound 2", where Lucas did "You Know I Will"?
Apparently are they releasing a double Blu-Ray-and-DVD in one of both movies ("The Fox and The Hound" and "The Fox and The Hound 2") and it should include all of the bonus stuff from the DVDs!
Both movies is set to release August 9 2011, so mark your calendar for it.
More info here!