Twitter update

As the time is finally here where the long expected movie "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" is out, are also nothing much else happening at the moment. - Except from lots of tweeting updates!

Lucas latest tweets!
Tweet 1: "Just left the recording studio... Hint hint, you'll hear it in June."
Tweet 2: "On my way to the recording studio again. Singing one of my own today. Cant wait for you guys to hear it."
Tweet 3: "I'm also about to release a NEW VIDEO I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. I'll let you know ASAP when and where to find it!"
Tweet 4: "Shot a Funny or Die video with Matthew Morrison today. So much fun."

Blink Tank Film's: "Lucas and I finished a short promo for a TV series we're working on. We'll upload it in the next few days."

Another thing, "Switched At Birth" co-star Sean Berdy tweeted a new picture of him (on the drums) and Lucas (at the microphone, doing air guitar) rehearing for a band or something. I wonder if it's for "Switched At Birth" or something else.. what do you think?? :)