SmallVille Scion clips

As promised are here 3 clips from last night's episode of "SmallVille", "Scion" where Lucas was gueststarring in almost the full episode!
The reason I only post 3 clips, is to not spoil anyone! I know some of you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but don't worry, I am sure the TV will air it near you too and the DVD would come out too, or iTunes will get it for you! :)

I thought the episode was great, totally epic. Better than "Beacon" and I wish there was more on the way, and there MIGHT be 1 episode left! According to (I think it was) IMDB, will Lucas also be in the 20th episode. But NOTHING is confirmed yet, so we can just hope for now!

Also, for those who are interested and just can't wait for the DVD release of season 10, are "Beacon" released and up for sale on iTunes. Purchase Beacon on iTunes <-- if your interested in watching the full episode ;)