New Switched at Birth behind the scenes pic

One of Lucas's "Switched At Birth" co-stars Constance Marie seem to like taking pictures and share information of what she's doing and have even tweeted a new behind the scenes for "Switched At Birth" that features more of his co-stars.

Lucas's tweet: "Just finished a photo shoot for Switched at Birth. So fun- I'm really looking forward to working with everyone involved."

Constance's tweet: "Ahhhhhhh the younger generation of Hot Stars! #SwitchedatBirth they are so talented it makes me sick!!"

It's most likely from the promotional photoshoot from the show, but it's still exciting ;)

Another short update: if any Ashley Tisdale / Lashley fans are interested and going to be watching the upcomming movie "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure", would I just point out that lots of promotional pictures, movie stills, clips, sneak peaks, commercials and so much more have been released on the official movie site, FaceBook Page and Twitter page.
Sadly Lucas ain't featured, but he might come after the DVD release or the TV premiere. :) So keep the heads up! ;)