New IKAV/Scion pictures

Sorry I haven't updated in days. I have been working busy on my other website, Fabulous Grabeel with something that took longer than I expected! But good news is, it's finished and up for all of you to watch it! :D

Some days ago, 1 new "I Kissed A Vampire" still got released on their official FaceBook Page and there's also updated and more HQ stills for you to enjoy, so I am re-posting some old pictures ;)
And yesterday did writer & producer behind "SmallVille", Al Septien tweet a new behind the scenes picture of Lucas, from the episode "Scion".

Al Seption tweet 1: "Here's the other pic I promised to post from SCION. It's Lucas and me on the last night of shooting."
Tweet 2: "Didn't post the pic before because Lucas had dark hair and didn't want all the smart followers to figure out he was Conner."