The chat with Lucas

For those you didn't catch him yesterday on the chat (and for those who'd like to re-watch it) am I now bringing you the chat! He recorded it and uploaded it on his official Ustream channel!
I was watching it all along myself, and I think we reached 268 view's during the chat! Whoo hoo! And trust me, people were chatting like CRAZY! So fast that neither Lucas or Autumn were able to catch a word of what people said! haha.

Well, he talks about anything from his childhood, young life, High School Musical, HSM co-hosts, TV-shows, other celebrities and he even showed us one of his paintings in his house! Autumn had a little appearance in the end, where she said goodbye together with him. The chat is around 35 minutes long!

He also confirmed/denied stuff of his many projects, like, they are working on a release date for "The Dancing Ninja". "I Kissed A Vampire" is an official wrapped movie and just needs a release date. He's going to shoot "Switched At Birth" this month and it will air on ABC Family this summer. And there's NO MORE "SmallVille" episodes with him in! (sadly :( ) and he also talked about his album!

Lucas's tweet:
"Thanks for everyone who tuned in for my live chat! It was really weird, but I had fun. I'll do it again soon."

Check it out, and enjoy his mini-dance and song in it too!
And we can't wait for his next live chat (he promised us, that he would do it again, we just don't know when!)