Switched At Birth got picked up!

It's official! The pilot of "Switched At Birth" which Lucas shoot a little over a month ago, have been picked up by ABC Family and are setted to air LATER this year!
So this means, Lucas is a main caracter in a new TV show that hopefully will air this year and not be pushed back to 2012.

Autumn also confirmed it in her tweet: "Celebrating w @mrgrabeel! His pilot was picked up! Cheers!"

So, this "Switched At Birth" is about 2 twin girls who were seperated at birth and grew up in 2 diffrent families. Lucas is set to play one of the girl's big brother in one of the families, who got 2 parents and 2 kids, while the other girl grew up only with her mother.
If you want to know more, can you always read the post on JustJaredJr. :)

Also, I got some MQ pictures, some behind the scenes and 1 promotional picture.