Upcomming projects

Recently have there been written and talking about an upcomming ABC Family series called "Switched at birth", it should be about some sisters that was switched right after their birth. I don't know much about this show yet, but I found some info online via Google, that Lucas is set to play the sister's brother Emmet or something similar.
Nothing is confirmed though, but it sounds pretty exciting IF it's true that he's in it. Let's hope to see Lucas in a TV series for the first time ever AND maybe even as a main caracter.

Another thing. Lucas tweeted earlier today; "I'm off to Vancouver to shoot an episode of Smallville! I'm so excited. And I just finished the pilot yesterday - great B-day present."

At least we know NOW, that there's something new comming up. He will be on SmallVille again, as guest-appearances. So let's be exciting for that and let's hope that the "Switched at Birth" thing is true. :D