Grabeel birthday project

The title should say it all. Together with Bruna from Lucas Grabeel Brasil, will iheartLucas and FabulousGrabeel be working this year on the birthday project.
BUT, this year, are we going to INCLUDE the lovely Autumn Grabeel of the reasons, she have birthday 2 days before Lucas AND because of she's a sweetheart to his and her fans and she helps with updating about him. :)

So, what are YOU going to do? Well, iheartLucas together with FabulousGrabeel are working together on the birthday video! If you don't wish to be a part of the birthday video, can you always send in your letter/poem or your graphic to Bruna at Lucas Grabeel Brasil.

What should the movie be about? Well, there is 2 options. 1. You can make a shout-out video where your saying a SHORT message to BOTH Autumn and Lucas! And by short, do I mean MAX 20 SECOUNDS!!
OR 2. You can take a paper, write down "Happy Birthday Autumn & Lucas" and whatever you want to write, maybe print out a picture of Autumn and Lucas, put stickers on or whatever you feel like, take a picture of it and send in. If you don't write your information yourself, will we add it ;D

Who should I send it to? Well, I can only speak for my part of the project! You are going to e-mail your stuff, include your twitter name, real name (last name is not needed), your age and location (country or state if your from USA).

When is the due dato? You have from October 1st 2010 to November 10th 2010 to send in your piece of work. From November 11 are we closed and will ONLY accept your submitment if you have a VERY GOOD reason!

1. You video MAY NOT be longer than 20 secounds.
2. NO background music is allowed.
3. You MUST include "Happy Birthday Autumn and Lucas" wheneither it's a video or your picture.
4. Have fun and be creative ;D

Are any of the rules broken, will we not add you into the project! And if you don't have a twitter-name dosen't it matter, we'll include you anyway, but if you do have a twitter, remember to tell us and we'll add it into the videoproject. - Got any questions? Feel free to ask me or e-mail ;D