Fabulous Grabeel

It's finally here!! Or well, it opened friday October 15th, so it's been her for over a day now, lol!
Click on the picture, to visit my other side and iheartLucas' family site ;)

And to clear up some questions and rumours; No, I am NOT closing iheartLucas! iheartLucas will continue be online and be updated when there is updates, just like Fabulous Grabeel hopefully will stay online and gets updated. I have NO plans in close any of them, and the last time Fabulous Grabeel went down, was because of the host, NOT me! :)
So don't worry, none of my websites are going down ;)

Also remember, Fabulous Grabeel got a twitter you can follow, it got YouTube where you can be friends and it just got a FaceBook page where you can join the group. You can find all the links at the website, so go there and check it out, if you wanna get in touch with the website ;)