Random updates

Yeah, I did some researches today and I found some pretty many updates that are pretty "old" (depending on what you find old) so now am I posting them, so I have don't just have the latest but also all the updates ;)

Here's Lucas' newest "Demo Reel" which includes scenes from "Dancing Ninja", "I Kissed A Vampire" (movie), "The Adventures Of Food Boy", "Veronica Mars", "SmallVille", "Boston Legal" and more.
WARNING: I DON'T recommend small/young kids to be watching this - at least NOT ALONE! There might be a scene or two they aren't big enough to watch. IF YOU DO, ASK YOUR PARENTS OR WATCH IT WITH THEM. I DO NOT own this, so DON'T blame me! Thanks.

And here's one behind the scenes picture from the upcomming movie "What's Wrong With Virginia" and 2 behind the scenes from "I Kissed A Vampire" (I think it's from the webshow? I might be wrong though). Enjoy ;)


  1. I know what scenes you mean there both from legend of a dancing ninja


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