August 2nd!

Sorry about yesterday. I would have updated the site, but my internet didn't feel like working yesterday (way too slow) so I took a day off! XD lol

Anyway, I've updated the site with a brand new late summer theme, (header) made by Christina and updated the project-bar and a few other details.

And about the Ning-thing, I am not sure why they haven't deleted the Ning page yet, since I got tons of e-mails that they warned me about deleting it if I didn't pay for it, but yet it's still there. So enjoy while we still have it ;)

Ooh, and before I forget it, Thanks everyone for visiting the site :D I see I got OVER 51.000 visiters!! That's incredible. Thanks for keep visiting the site ;D

Enjoy this months calendar and the extra Ning days ;)