Important updates

First of all, sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been crazy busy since the beginning of summer. Even tho. I am online a lot, DO I have a life besides the computer.

About the Ning Page, since people don't think the place is worth paying for, and we won't charge the members for money, did we decide to give it up, which means from July 20th 2010 will the Ning Networks delete the place!
So are there some pictures in the gallery you haven't saved yet, go there and get them. Are there a video you don't have, try search for it on YouTube and rip them off there. :)
I don't know wheneither they will deleted it on the day July 20th or first July 21th, but please be pre-paired. And sorry, but I can't do anything about you haven't been online, and the page is deleted, cause I don't know what people need from there, so it's all up to you :)

The good thing is tho. that Fabulous Grabeel have joined YouTube, while they are working their butts off to fix all the problems before the site opening.
Feel free to add them as friends ;)

Else, have a lovely and CAREFUL summer ;D I'll do my very best to be less late as this time.