Shout-out for Lucas

Okaay, its official september, which means we're starting to open up Lucas birthday project! (more is comming with the time)

All Lucas fansites (including this site and Fabulous Lucas) have decided to stick together and make him ONÉ BIG surprise for his birthday!

So, what is job 1? For all who want to submit video shout-outs, find your camera NOW and continue reading!

Rules for shout-out;
1. You should record yourself, saying "Happy Birthday"!
2. You need to find your fav. thing with Lucas that you own and make it appear in the video (example - hold the DVD "Milk" in your hand) and tell him why that's your fav. thing with him!
3. It shouldn't be longer than 30 secounds long.

Please upload your done shout-out on either MegaUpload, MediaFire or SaveFile and e-mail the link for the video to within November 1st!
If you have any questions, are you more than welcome to e-mail your question!