New Lucas + Ashley interview

Here's an Article/interview about Lucas, what kind of dreams he have!
I find it really cute that he's 24 and still dream at night =D

And as many know, did Ashley Tisdale's new album "Guilty Pleasure" release yesterday (July 28th) and she did a lots of interviews for the upcomming day, and on JustJaredJr did she mention Lucas! Here's a quote from it!

On if she still keeps in touch with her HSM family: “I haven’t seen Lucas [Grabeel] in a little bit or Corbin [Bleu], since he’s been traveling for a while. But yea, Zac [Efron] was just over at my house last night. Vanessa [Hudgens] is doing a movie right now in Montreal, but we talk all the time. I just saw Monique [Coleman] recently too, we Twitter each other. (laughs) I keep in touch with them all the time. They’re my family, I love them.”