Lucas on "The Fantasticks"

According to JustJaredJr is Lucas taking a little break from movie's and are at the moment working on the stage!

Lucas Grabeel is set to fall in love on stage in The Fantasticks.

The 24-year-old actor will play Matt in the play that also stars Will and Grace’s Eric McCormack and Harry Groener. The story is about two fathers who put up a wall between their houses to ensure that their children fall in love, because they know that children always do what their parents forbid. After the children do fall in love, they discover their fathers’ plot and they each go off and experience things in the world. They return to each other and the love they had, having learned from the world and made an informed decision.

The Fantasticks opens at the Ralph Freud Playhouse at UCLA in Los Angeles on May 5. The play runs until May 17th. You can purchase tickets @ Reprise Theatre Company.

I hope Lucas will return to make movie's again, and keep being an actor XD Or else am I going to miss him :')
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