Hey everyone outthere! XD

Welcome to the new site "iheartLucas" which is going to be a site about the HSM star Lucas Grabeel.
I know the link is called "weheartLucas" but there was some error's with getting the site up, so I thourght it wasn't that big a deal, and changed it so the link would be "we" and the site "I" .. But whatever! XD

You may know me from my other side "LucAshMil" which is about Lucas Grabeel, his HSM co-host Ashley Tisdale, and Ashley's BFF Miley Cyrus.

I am looking for affiliations, and about sister-sites, do I ONLY accept Lucas fansites! Everyone else that's a non-Lucas site do I accept as normal affiliate.

Like my site? Well, then your more than welcome do join the site's Ning which it shares with my other site (if you were woundering why its called LucAshMil)

And umm .. if your interested in working/helping with run this site, then are you more than welcome to e-mail me and tell me something about yourself (name, age, location etc) and what your great at and what you would like to help me with, and I'll reply back on you as soon as possible ;)

xoxo Eva XD